A new experience in thermal performance.

Reduce the risk of muscle strains in cold weather.
Designed to minimize restriction.


The windproof and water-repellent membrane is specially developed to be integrated in our golf shirt. It is also breathable, lightweight and with very good elasticity parameters.

High-Tech Fabrics

The high-tech golf polo shirt needs cutting-edge technology fabrics with special properties which ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement for golfers.


During the backswing, the right portion of the trapezius muscle is the most active one in the upper body.


During the rotational movement of the golf swing, the deltoid muscles are highly active.


The water-repellent feature of the membrane keeps you dry during light rain and drizzle.


The high-tech, breathable and windproof membrane protects the trapezius and the deltoid muscles from cooling.


The highly functional wicking materials draw sweat away from your skin and keep you dry and comfortable.


From 1966 onwards, many researches on the muscle activity during the implementation of the golf swing have been performed. It has been established that during the back swing the right portion of the trapezius muscle is the most active one in the upper body. At the performance of the forward swing, the middle part of the trapezius muscle is still active. During the implementation of the swing, a rotational movement of the shoulder girdle is observed. During this specific movement, the deltoid muscle that covers the shoulder from the collarbone to the humerus is highly active. In particular, the posterior deltoid muscle helps unwrap and rotate the arm outwards.

The researches on the golf swing mechanics show that upper and middle right portion of the trapezius muscle are the most active, irrespectively of the golfer’s handicap or his/her swing.

All researches on the golf swing in poor weather conditions demonstrate the benefits of the Brickfielder golf shirt, the first shirt in the world that protects the trapezius and the deltoid muscles from cooling, thanks to the high-tech breathable wind- and water repellent membrane integrated in the upper back.

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Thanks to thermoregulation human beings are capable of preserving a relatively permanent body temperature. Thus, the normal functioning of the biochemical processes in the body, necessary for its survival, is ensured. The human body is capable of transferring the excess temperature to the environment and to regulate its generation.

The golfers play in the open so most of the body heat is generated from the active muscles. When they are exposed to the effects of poor weather conditions, such as low temperatures, strong wind or cloudy weather, their bodies are prone to chill. The big trapezius muscle, together with the deltoid muscle, may cause serious trouble for golfers during play.



From overcooling and stiffness.

Brickfielder golf shirts feature a wicking effect speeding up the evaporation of perspiration and allowing for the accumulation of the body temperature generated by the Trapezius muscle on colder days.

All this contributes
to a better Backswing.

When playing golf in colder weather, the temperature from the Trapezius and the upper part of the deltoid muscle is accumulated. It is exactly what makes the two muscles more flexible.

Boots the overall
execution of the golf

The innovative fabrics of our golf shirts stimulate the delivery of oxygen to the blood and help the golfer conserve his energy for a longer time. This increased endurance boosts the overall execution of the golf swing.

Strong focus, freedom of movement and
protecting the body from cooling.