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Men`s Golf Polo Shirt

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Brickfielder Links Pro Active Men`s Golf Polo Shirt
Recommended for cooler and windy weather.

♦ Athletic fit
♦ The model with the biggest-sized breathable, windproof and water repellent membrane. The membrane is deep and fully covers the shoulders and the trapezius muscle.
♦ Wicking and soft touch base fabrics
♦ Far infrared ray
♦ Minus ions releasing
♦ Deodorant
♦ Elastic side panels and shorter sleeves for better rotation
♦ Four button placket and solid collar
♦ Machine washable
♦ Sizes: S- 6XL
♦ Material - 86% polyester, 14% biconstituent (98% polyester, 2% carbon from bamboo)
♦ The Brickfielder logo is placed on the membrane on the back of the shirt.
♦ Colour: Peru; White Smoke; Graphite Blue; Olive Green

Brickfielder Links Pro Active is one of the most comfortable models of windproof clothing we offer. We recommend it for playing in cool weather and stronger wind. Its membrane is deep and fully covers the shoulders and the deltoid muscles.
Тhis windproof shirt is made of fabric with three distinctive high-tech features: far infra-red ray - capable of regulating body temperature, protects the skin from overheating and contamination and stimulates higher flow of oxygen into the blood; minus ions releasing and deodorant effect.
As with all windproof shirts manufactured by Brickfielder, this model is made of fabric featuring wicking effect, a property which speeds up the vaporisation of sweat, leaving the skin dry.
The black stripes of fabric on the sides are not just designer's choice. Our windproof clothing is specifically developed for golf players and is sewn in a way that does not restrict their movement. The black stretch fabric gives additional freedom for playing each shot and the stitches do not restrict your backswing.
The design of Brickfielder Links Pro Active windproof shirt is comfortable and elegant. This is the perfect option for the gentlemen with more conservative taste.